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I was so excited to accept an invite to review Green BEAN Delivery! I have been familiar with the company for a while and had been thinking about trying it out. I am typically the kind of girl who looks forward to grocery shopping. I really enjoy picking out my own fruits and veggies and perusing the grocery aisles for new healthy finds.

That being said, sometimes I am completely crunched for time and grocery shopping can seem like a chore. I reluctantly go to the store and run around like a mad women trying to get everything I need in the least amount of time possible. I would have been SO good at the old game show Supermarket Sweep...just saying. My schedule has been a little hectic lately so when Green BEAN Delivery asked me to try their grocery delivery service, I was more than thrilled! 

Green BEAN Delivery is an online organic...that's right organic (yay!)...produce and natural grocery delivery service. They try to source their products from local farmers and producers as much as possible and stay true to the season. If they do need to get something from a non-local source, they look for producers using sustainable resources.  

Overall, I was very impressed with my experience with Green BEAN Delivery service. It was so simple, which I really appreciate!

First, you must register for a membership online.  Once you create a free account, you choose which produce bin you want and how frequently you want your delivery (weekly or biweekly). You then have the opportunity to customize your order by changing or adding which items you want to be delivered each week. I chose the small produce bin, which is $35. 

The small produce bin is suited for 2-3 people and I was so pleased with the the amount, quality, and variety of fruit and vegetables that were included. My produce bin included: 4 ears of corn, 2 bunches of broccoli, 1 onion, 4 nectarines, 4 plums, 6 apricots, 1 (6oz) package of blueberries, 1 (6oz) package of blackberries, 8 oz bag of crimini mushrooms, 1 bunch of local lettuce, and 1 bunch of local lacinato kale. All for $35! 

Showing off my bin of produce that was waiting for me once I got home from work! A bin full of produce is the best kind of delivery! 

Showing off my bin of produce that was waiting for me once I got home from work! A bin full of produce is the best kind of delivery! 

On delivery day, you receive a green bin of produce at your front door. I was a little worried that my food might not be cold since I got home from work a little late that day. The bin is packed with frozen cold packs to keep it fresh, and everything was still nice and cold when I got home. 

Scott and I eat a lot of fruits and veggies at home so this amount of produce was perfect for us. I usually go to two different grocery stores (Whole Foods and Kroger) to get everything I need on a weekly basis so this helped significantly cut down my grocery shopping time. Although I love going to the store, it was so fun to have a package of food waiting for me when I got home. It's like Christmas morning...I couldn't wait to see what was inside! 

One of the things I hear (almost daily) from patients and clients I work with is that they "don't have time to eat healthy". I know everyone has a busy schedule and for some people it may in fact be very difficulty to dedicate the time to make healthy choices. If this sounds familiar to you, you might want to consider trying out this service. You just can't beat the convenience of having fresh, organic, and local produce delivered right to your door! 

The folks over at Green BEAN Delivery have been kind enough to offer all Whole Living Lauren readers a special discount of $15 off your first delivery with the code 15WLLml, which is good for one week from today.

*Green BEAN Delivery is available in Ohio (Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton), Indiana (Indianapolis, Anderson, Fort Wayne, and Muncie), Kentucky (Louisville and Lexington), and in St. Louis, Missouri.

*For a full listing of the local farmers and artisans that Green Bean uses, click HERE

While Green BEAN Delivery was kind enough to provide me with my first bin for free, all opinions are my own and I would truly recommend this service to anyone.



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