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Golden Sweet Potato Barley Stew

This stew is the perfect combination of veggies, wholesome fiber-filled starch, plant protein and a comforting broth that is addictively good. I love adding ingredients like ginger and turmeric to soups like this to help fight excess inflammation from traveling and overall stress and I loooovvee adding ingredients that don’t always sound good to eat on their own, like barley and kale. It’s perfect for the cold days that we are (unfortunately) still experiencing yet still light and bright and ready for spring!

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Spaghetti Squash with Cashew Kale Cream Sauce

This dish tastes incredibly comforting while still feeling light and fresh. If you have never made a cashew cream sauce before, DO IT. Seriously, it's life changing. Who needs dairy when you have cashews?! Plus it has kale in it, so you definitely know it's healthy ;)

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